For companies

Business and foundation giving

Maybe you found your way here by yourself or you were challenged by an entrepreneur or business partner!

First decide if you would like to donate a specific sum, or if you’d rather match a particular day or amount of grassroots funding.

My business wants to donate a specific amount!

If you would rather not use a credit card

If a debit/credit card it not your thing and you would like to use a bank account instead, email us at and include the following information:

  • Name of a contact person,
  • Company name
  • Registration/organization number in your country
  • Amount that you would like to donate!

We will reply to your e-mail with all the information you need!

My business would like to match grassroot funding

I would like to match a specific amount, or all of the grassroots fundraising in my country on a specific day! Please contact and we’ll make the arrangements for this together.

My business would like to challenge another business!

Easy. Identify one, five or ten companies that you would like to challenge. Either you contact them personally or even better you challenge them through your and their social media accounts.

My business or foundation would like to donate to Vaccine Forward’s operations to increase awareness

You recognize a startup, even when it’s a pro bono nonprofit. We would be delighted to accept funding to ensure our operations can work properly and to pay the bills for services that we must buy.

Please contact and we will make the arrangements for your donation. It is vital that we separate donations for operational support from donations for buying vaccinations.