Our story

Our story

When you get your Covid-19 jab, it would be awesome if you could, with a tap on the phone, donate a vaccination to a less fortunate person elsewhere in the world!

If one were to use the best of digital payment platforms, social media campaigns and regular posters, would it be possible to create a global movement to “pay the vaccine forward”?

Since the world needs everyone to be vaccinated against Covid-19, the world needs an initiative like Vaccine Forward.

Years ago, Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist worked for the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI) sketching on the launch plan for their Pneumococcal AMC program for low- and middle-income economies. Thinking back, she realized that the problems the team had been working to solve at that time for other vaccines probably still plagued the Covid-19 vaccine program. Without the funding to vaccinate every person – even people even in very poor countries – billions will continue to live with restrictions and stagnating economies. The virus could also continue to spread, and even to mutate into ever-deadlier varieties.

She spent the chilly New Year’s weekend researching, and she discovered that there weren’t actually very many Covid-19 vaccine fundraising initiatives – and the ones she found mainly targeted large donors. She could see that these programs were missing out on the untapped financial power of the grass roots to put an end to the pandemic.

Elisabeth consulted with friends in various fields to evaluate the options. They concluded that the best approach would be to fund a new nonprofit organization for the purpose and structure it like a startup. A week later, Elisabeth had gathered 20 people, including professionals and students from the fields of design, advertising, campaign management, education, science and full stack development, among others. Despite working nights and weekends, with ordinary work and family to care for, everybody wore big smiles, feeling the positive energy from being part of a group that was capable solving a big real-world problem.

45 days later Vaccine Forward said Hello World!